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Internship, Project or Summer Job?

Internships, projects and summer jobs provide you with the opportunity to get to know different organizations and develop your expertise. Discover their numerous advantages and find the combination that will help you achieve your professional goal.

Get ready to enter the job market

There are numerous advantages to opting for an internship, a supervised project or a summer job. Indeed, you will have, among other things, the opportunity to:

  • clarify your career choice;
  • move from theory to practice;
  • put your impression of the job market to the test in the real world;
  • boost your profile to make your application more attractive;
  • rub shoulders with skilled professionals and develop your network of contacts;
  • get to know yourself better;
  • acquire new skills and professional experience while contributing to the host organization;
  • unless stated otherwise, be remunerated for the work completed.

Furthermore, an internship or project could help you find a job even prior to completing your studies. In fact, many employers view this experience as a training period that can lead to a permanent position.

Finally, an internship involves the production of a report, and sometimes, an oral presentation. You will, therefore, be able to reflect upon what you learned while enhancing your writing and verbal communication skills. An evaluation by the employer concludes the internship and provides actual feedback on your experience.

Determine which combination suits you


  • Period for training, learning or development in a company
  • Is part of your study program (credited)


  • An important research paper requiring advanced expertise in your area of specialization
  • You identify potential solutions to a problem or issue in a company, and then make recommendations, if possible.
  • Is part of your study program (credited)

To learn more about supervised projects at the graduate level, visit the Supervised Project page then register for the information session.


  • Work over a relatively short period of time in the field of management.
  • Complements your training (not credited).

Internship or project? What your program requires

Before choosing, you must gather information as to the requirements of your study program. In fact:

Internships or projects are sometimes obligatory.

In either case, you have to find out about the terms and conditions in place for each (registration, supervision, credits, length, etc.).

Programs Internship or Project

Company Internship (multidisciplinary, specialized or end of studies) (in French only)

Project-Course (in French only)

Master’s in Management

Supervised Project *

End-of-studies internship


Integrative Project* (in French only)

Company Internship * (in French only)

MBA Projects : consultation, integration or individual

Intervention Project * (in French only)

Company Internships (specialized or end of studies) *(in French only)

* Depends on your program or stream. For more information, visit your program’s presentation page.

What's the best decision? The one that allows you to meet your objectives

Do not make a decision without first reflecting on your career plan. Your plan does not have to be detailed, but it should at least have a few guidelines. For example, you are studying in marketing, but what do you like about this field: sales, advertising, special events or strategy?

You can start consulting internship or project opportunities on job search sites and on the My Career portal. This will give you an idea of what employers are looking for and help you decide what suits you.

Also, choose activity sectors and a business type. What sectors are most compelling? Fashion, construction, pharmaceutics, banking, culture, NPOs? In what type of organization will you feel comfortable? Will you enjoy working for a smaller organization where you will be able to do a little of everything and where it will be easier to put forward your ideas? Or will you prefer working for a multinational where you will have access to training and better benefits?

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