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Internships at the Master's level

The Master of Science (MSc) program offers two types of internship:

  • Supervised project within an organization
  • End-of-studies internships
Select an internship 


You must have completed at least 12 course credits in order to register for the supervised project. See our summary guidelines on requirements for supervised projects in the MSc program.


You must have the subject of your supervised project approved before completing 36 course credits. Once you have obtained all the required approvals, your program administration will register you.


Step 1: Ethics approval

In co-operation with your project director, evaluate the nature of your project to determine whether the approval of the Research Ethics Board (REB) is needed:

Complete the questionnaire to see whether you need to submit your project to the CER. 


Step 2: Confidentiality agreement (projects in an organization)

The organization where you are carrying out your supervised project may require that you sign a confidentiality agreement. If so, you can use this model agreement specially designed for students in the Master’s program.


Step 3: Approval and completion of the supervised project

  1. Complete the Approval of a supervised project form.
  2. Do not begin your project before it has been approved.

The program administration will register you once and only once, and that for the term when your project begins. You will then have until the end of the following term to complete the project and submit your report.


You would like to write your supervised project report in English? Justify your demand directly in your Approval of a supervised project form. This approval is automatic for specializations in English.


It can take up to 12 weeks to process and evaluate your report and for you to be awarded your diploma. Please take this into consideration if you need to renew a study permit, submit a post-diploma permit application or confirm your attendance at convocation.

Term of submission  Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Summer 2020
Deadlines December 13, 2019 April 24, 2020 August 13, 2020


Step 1: Make an appointment


Step 2: Initial submission

Make sure you bring the following duly completed documents to your meeting:

  1. The checklist for submitting supervised project reports.
  2. The "Initial submission of a supervised project" form you received by email in PDF format.
  3. Two bound copies, printed on both sides of the page, of your supervised project report (three copies if there are co-directors).
  4. Ethics approval: If your supervised project required data collection from human subjects (see the "Registering for a supervised project" section, above), submit the authorization form and the Attestation of completed ethics approval form issued by the Research Ethics Board.

Step 3: Corrections

The jury members may ask for major changes to your supervised project report. You must submit your corrected report to your project director no later than one month after receiving this notice.


Step 4: Final submission

You will not receive a grade until you have submitted the final version of your supervised project report:

  1. Save the final version of your supervised project report in PDF format, in the form Lastname_Firstname_Year_Supervised_project.pdf.
    • Last name, with no accents
    • First name, with no accents
    • Year of submission as shown on the title page of your report (year only, no day or month)
    • Supervised_project
    • Extension (.pdf) in lowercase letters
  2. Send it to your program administration.

Guides and tools

To carry out an internship at the end of your studies, you must:  

  • have completed your MSc in the past 12 months or less or be in the process of earning your degree (coursework completed and initial version of your thesis or supervised project report submitted);
  • start your internship within 12 months of completing your program;
  • carry out a 6-month internship (or internships of a cumulative length of 6 months, within 2 terms);
  • be registered for the “End of studies internship” (3 non-program credits) and pay the related tuition fees (including extra fees);
  • follow the administrative procedures for finding an internship, registration, and declaring the completion of your internship.

Finding an internship

You are responsible for finding an internship position. However, the School offers different resources to help you:


Submit the Course-project registration form on HEC en ligne, by selecting “Submit documents” and then “Project course/Internship/Workshop”.


End of internship declaration

Upon completing your internship, you must submit the following documents to your program administration (suite 5.450 in the Côte-Ste-Catherine building or by email):

Students > My program > Master of science (MSc) > Internship