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Mission, vision and values

HEC Montréal: rooted in the community

Our mission:

HEC Montréal is a French-speaking institution solidly rooted in its community and open to the world. It is an international-calibre university business school that contributes to our society’s prosperity by providing leadership in all its spheres of activity, i.e. teaching at all levels, research and serving the community.


Our vision:

Building on its extensive skills and the strengths of its milieu and striving for continuous improvement, HEC Montréal is committed to playing a leading role in all these spheres, by focusing on:


Our values:

Rigour. Intellectual discipline and integrity underlie all the School’s activities related to teaching and to producing and sharing knowledge.

Relevance. By analyzing trends and major issues in management and offering relevant teaching, HEC Montréal contributes to business growth and social well-being.  

Boldness. In keeping with its tradition of innovation, HEC Montréal invites its community to adopt a proactive attitude to change and an avant-garde approach.

Respect. HEC Montréal values collegiality and collaboration, respect for others and civic responsibility.

Commitment. HEC Montréal encourages the members of its community to become involved, both collectively and as individuals, in the business and university worlds and society in general.

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