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Sustainable and responsible management

Taking action today,
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An ecosystem with many achievements


Faculty members who have published articles that incorporate sustainability matters
(from 2019 to 2021)

30 %

Percentage of people who took courses on sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and ethics (SD, CSR and ethics) in 2021


SD, CSR and ethics transfer activities (in 2021)

HEC Montréal is the heart and soul of a sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and ethics research, teaching and transfer ecosystem whose influence extends beyond its campus. The School wants this ambitious ecosystem to reach its full potential, so it places a premium on fostering this initiative and making it as robust as possible.

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Your community in action

Food biodiversity: Seeds at your disposal

HEC Montréal now has its own seed library, a creative way to distribute seeds to support food autonomy. The initiative, part of the Hectare urbain project, also promotes the circular economy by giving a new life to old filing cabinets. The seed library is the result of the work of many of our community members, including student Quentin Faure and librarian and volunteer Daphné Bélizaire. The project is supported by the HEC library team and received a financial contribution from WWF-Canada.

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Community engagement: Sustainable and profitable

“I sit on the board of directors of a cooperative that supports projects with positive, long-lasting impacts. For example, we give out scholarships and support projects to keep students in school. I am excited to use my skills to help the community outside our campus.”

Arielle Rakoto, International Activities and Student Mobility
Make a difference today

Do you want to do your part to fight the social and environmental challenges facing society today? Take advantage of the opportunities and resources offered by HEC Montréal and its rich ecosystem. You will be able to make an impact on our campus and beyond.