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Expanding knowledge and transfer activities

HEC Montréal prioritizes research and transfer activities with the potential to demonstrate leadership, and which respond to the issues currently facing society. This is why the School seeks, more than ever, to expand research, knowledge and transfer activities in corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and ethics.

In tune with today’s concerns

HEC Montréal’s research teams devote all their innovative skills to addressing society’s growing durability and sustainability concerns. The School’s teams transform our daily lives by mobilizing their unique expertise in a wide range of research themes.

  • Circular economy
  • Corporate social impact
  • Decarbonization of the economy
  • Degrowth
  • Energy transition
  • Environment
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Ethical corporate governance
  • Health care
  • Organizational ethics
  • Social innovation
  • Social justice
  • Sustainable finance
  • Sustainable transportation

Pierre-Olivier Pineau

“Our research teams have deep expert knowledge of how organizations function. They understand the challenges of the energy transition and can help inform organizational choices.”

Pierre-Olivier Pineau, Holder of the Chair in Energy Sector Management

The influence of a strong sustainability ecosystem


Faculty members who have published articles that incorporate sustainability matters (since 2019).

14.4 %

Share of scientific publications dealing with sustainability matters (2021).


Theses and dissertations focusing on sustainability matters (since 2019).

HEC Montréal is the heart and soul of a vast research, teaching and transfer ecosystem in corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and ethics. This ecosystem brings together the expertise and tools of many actors, groups and organizations that are connected through well-established and recognized structures, programs and projects. The School intends to act, more than ever, as this ecosystem’s facilitator and to help it reach its full potential.

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All of our research under one roof

HEC Montréal’s research makes concrete contributions toward the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives. The Réflexion website contains this scientific production in its entirety.

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Joé T. Martineau

“The scandals that plague the business community go to show how important it is to study unethical practices for prevention and management purposes. We must spare no effort to train honest, responsible people who are sensitive to the current issues that organizations face.”

Joé T. Martineau, Associate Professor, Department of Management