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Consolidating a unifying and influential ecosystem

HEC Montréal is the heart and soul of a sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and ethics research, teaching, and transfer ecosystem whose influence extends beyond its campus. The school would like this ambitious ecosystem to reach its full potential. To achieve this goal, it has adopted a bold action plan to mobilize each and every member of its community.


Faculty members published articles relating to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (from 2019 to 2021).


Sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and ethics research (SD, CSR and ethics) hubs, centres, chairs and research groups

15.04 %

Share of scientific publications dealing with sustainability matters (2021).

A strategic initiative

Once its most recent round of strategic planning was done, HEC Montréal had the ambition to become an SD, CSR and ethics leader. The school then carried out a wide consultation with experts, partners and community members, which suggested that we needed to bring all of its activities, partnerships, collaborations and resources into one unifying ecosystem. HEC Montréal is developing an action plan to reach that goal, which will be published later in 2022 and will apply to all school activities and to the university community as a whole.

Laurence Beaugrand-Champagne

“HEC Montréal has all the resources, strengths and skills required to become an SD, CSR and ethics leader. The action plan will provide the School with the tools it needs to fully mobilize these resources.”

Laurence Beaugrand-Champagne, Coordinator – IDEOS

A bold action plan to mobilize our community

In pursuit of this priority, the school will follow the SD, CSR, and Ethics Action Plan it shared with the entire HEC Montréal community in 2023. The action plan is a means of transformation and a roadmap offering a real solution to the issues and needs identified during the consultation. It clearly sets out the school’s process, desired outcomes, and monitoring metrics.

The action plan is centred on four streams that will guide changes in the school’s activities from now until 2025.

  • Strengthen our governance
  • Take exemplary actions
  • Strengthen and support our projects
  • Create and transfer knowledge

It’s up to us to embody it, while staying true to who we are

The action plan reflects our wish to provide every member of our community with the tools needed to align with the school’s mission. It defines priorities such as maintaining teaching and research quality and respecting academic freedom. The plan is a living document that will continue to evolve through co-creation activities organized in the next few years.

Learn more about the action plan

STO, the heart and soul of the ecosystem

The Sustainable Transition Office (STO) oversees implementation of HEC Montréal’s SD, CSR, and Ethics Action Plan. One of the STO’s main roles is to create favourable conditions to ensure the success of SD, CSR, and ethics collaborations amongst ecosystem members. The IDEOS Social Impact Hub supports the school’s efforts in this regard.

Learn more about the STO

The ecosystem’s components

External partners

  • Ashoka
  • Campus de la transition écologique
  • Centre for Sustainable Development
  • Chemins de transitions
  • Desjardins international Development
  • Espace pour la vie
  • Groupe 3737
  • L'Esplanade
  • Maison de l'innovation sociale
  • WWF-Canada


Individuals received support for their social innovation business projects (between 2020 and 2022)


SD, CSR and ethics transfer activities (in 2021)

12.6 %

Theses and dissertations focusing on SD, CSR and ethics (in 2021)