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Take action!

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to help you do your part

Do you want to do your part to fight the social and environmental challenges facing society today? Take advantage of the opportunities and resources offered by HEC Montréal and its rich ecosystem. You will be able to make an impact on our campus and beyond.

Resources to support your projects

Looking for support or advice? Please contact Nadia Karina Ponce Morales, Sustainable Development Coordinator.

514 340-6343

A robust ecosystem

HEC Montréal is the heart and soul of a research, teaching and transfer ecosystem in sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and ethics. This ecosystem extends beyond the HEC campus and puts its resources at your disposal.

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Your community in action

“I want to contribute to a thriving community that is aware of the importance of sustainability. I am convinced that this will help us build and preserve a more dynamic, equitable society.”

Angie Dermo-Bowes, Vice President, SD at AEHEC

“I have been sensitive to the challenges that vulnerable people face since I was a kid. Very early on, I decided I wanted to “change the world.” Today, I can do just that through my work with Centraide.”

Éric Bélanger, Co-chair of the HEC Montréal Centraide campaign