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Developing exemplary organizational practices

HEC Montréal seeks to act as a catalyst by developing exemplary practices that bring sustainable and responsible management principles into the daily lives of our community members.

Environmentally responsible operations

HEC Montréal tries to consume only the resources that it needs, until the end of their life cycle. The school also ensures that the materials and tools it uses are reused or recycled.

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Going carbon neutral by 2040

HEC Montréal is committed to fighting climate change. The school aims to go carbon neutral by 2040. In addition to adopting efficient energy management practices, it makes sure to understand and recognize the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations.

Take a look at our Scope 1 and 2 emissions factsheet (2005-2022)

Support for a committed school: an office and an action plan

The Sustainable Transition Office (STO) oversees implementation of HEC Montréal’s SD, CSR, and Ethics Action Plan. It supports all the school’s stakeholders to ensure that all students are able to contribute to the socio-ecological transition of organizations.

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For an inclusive campus

HEC Montréal believes that diversity is an asset. The school has made rapid progress in its quest to implement equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) changes: It adopted an institutional action plan and policy, conducted a survey and introduced an information and outreach website.

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A decidedly sustainable downtown building

Our new building in downtown Montréal incorporates sustainable development principles from the design phase and far beyond commissioning. It is an innovative building and a model of sustainability, and it also helps reinforce the collective actions of a strong network of political, economic and community stakeholders.

  • A model of sustainable development
  • A forum for dialogue
The Coop HEC Montréal, a key partner

HEC Montréal values its partnership with the Coop HEC Montréal, a social economy business that has adopted exemplary practices throughout its operations and has been giving back to the community since 1944.

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Trustworthy, stringent seals of approval

Thanks to its internationally accredited programs, HEC Montréal is well known to its peers and to society as a whole for its commitment and achievements.

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Equis accredited
AACSB accredited