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First contacts: be prepared

When you apply for a job, you can expect to have a few conversations with your future employer. These are key points when you need to be paying attention.

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Getting ready for a successful interview

Your interview date is fast approaching. How do you prepare for excellence?

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Prepare your answers in advance to frequently asked questions

Make sure to arrive at the interview with important messages for your employer. This will reassure the employer and show them that you’re a great candidate for the job.

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After the interview: key follow-up

After each interview, take a few actions that increase your chances of achieving your goals. This may include a thank-you email, a follow-up or an evaluation of the job and company.

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Evaluate the quality of your interviews

Give yourself every chance at success by identifying eventual problems and taking measures to solve them.

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Career Management Services offers many individual services and workshops to help you prepare your job interviews.

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