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Supervised project

There are four ways to do your supervised project:

Within an organization At the university
  • Organizational intervention mandate
  • Academic Case Study
  • Specific research mandate
  • Expert opinion

The definition of each type of supervised project and the requirements are specified in the summary Guidelines and Requirements.

Step 1: Responsible Conduct of Research

Register for the ETHI 66200A Responsible Conduct of Research: From Norms to Practice. This workshop is not credited, but it is mandatory and constitutes a prerequisite for registration for the supervised project.

The following two free workshops are highly recommended:

ATEL 66242A
ATEL 66219A

Step 2: Supervised project subject approval

Do not begin your project before it has been approved.

To submit your supervised project subject, you must:

  • Have successfully completed at least 12 course credits;
  • Have successfully completed less than 36 course credits;
  • Have successfully completed the ETHI 66200A Responsible Conduct of Research workshop.

Once those steps are completed:

  1. Log in to the portal with your HEC Montréal student number and password.
  1. Complete the "MSc | Approval of a supervised project" form.
  1. Once you have saved the form, submit it from the portal's "My requests" page.

The program administration will register you once and only once, and that for the term when your project begins.

Step 3: Ethics approval

As a researcher member of the HEC Montréal community, you must declare to the Research Ethics Board (REB) any research project involving the participation of human beings or the use of data concerning human beings. With the collaboration of your project director, use this questionnaire to determine if you need to submit your project to the REB.

If REB approval is required, be sure to obtain the following 2 documents. They will be required at the time of final submission:

  1. The certificate of ethics approval
  2. The attestation of completed ethics approval

Step 4 (optional): Confidentiality agreement (if required for a project in an organization)

The organization where you are carrying out your supervised project may require that you sign a confidentiality agreement. If so, it is recommended that you use the model proposed by the university by completing the Confidentiality agreement formSubmit this completed and signed document in HEC en ligne, under Documents > M. Sc. > Research Essay - Other.

If the organization insists on using their own agreement, please contact the MSc Program Office to have it approved before signing it.

Step 5: Writing your report

You would like to write your supervised project report in English? Justify your demand directly in the approval form of your supervised project. This approval is automatic for specializations in English.

Consult the Guidelines for writing an academic work at a graduate level guide to find out how to correctly structure and write your report.

Step 6: Final Submission

Your supervisor's approval must be received by the deadline.

The submission process, the evaluation of your report and the graduation process can take up to 10 weeks. Please take this into consideration if you need to renew a study permit, submit a post-diploma permit application or confirm your attendance at convocation.

Term of submission  Summer 2024 Fall 2024 Winter 2025
Deadlines August 16, 2024 December 12, 2024 April 25, 2025

To submit the final version of your supervised project report:

  1. Log in to the portal with your HEC Montréal student number and password.
  1. Complete the "MSc | Submission of a thesis or supervised project" form.
  1. Once you have saved the form, submit it from the portal's "My requests" page.


Under article 3.4.1 of the academic rules and regulations, the jury may:

  1. Accept the report and evaluate it according to the letter-grade system;
  2. Return the report and ask you for major corrections to be made. In this case, you must return in your submission request, in the portal, and submit the corrected report for final evaluation by the jury within one month of the date when the student was informed of the decision;
  3. Reject the report.

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