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Consultation or integration

These projects let you put your skills, know-how and leadership to work by carrying out a specific mandate, from start to finish, under the supervision of a professor.

Supervised field project

  • For full-time students and part-time students
  • 5 credits
  • 5 weeks for full-time students and 8 weeks for part-time students
  • Team of four or five students
  • 800 to 1,000 hours devoted to planning and carrying out the mandate, and to oral and written presentations
  • One team per project; the project must be related to managing a business (e.g. restructuring, developing a marketing strategy, reviewing policies, analyzing business opportunities, etc.) and is supervised by a professor specialised in the domain of the project.


You will automatically be enrolled by your program administration.

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Individual project

This lets you apply the concepts, models and techniques studied during your courses as part of a research, analysis or consultation project.

Conditions and enrolment

To enrol for an individual project (1.5 credits), you must:

For more information, see the Course portal or ZoneCours.

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