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Supervised projects – Information session

Group Presentations
2 hrs.
Who is eligible?
  • MSc students
  • Specialized Graduate Diploma students interested in an MSc

Themes Covered

This session has two components. The first, presented by the program director, specifies the academic and administrative requirements of the supervised project. It also covers supervised projects within the university (large-scale case studies, entrepreneurial projects, etc.) The second component, presented by Career Management Services, provides useful information and resources for finding a project in an organization.

More specifically, the themes covered are as follows:

  • Conditions for participating
  • Action plan and project research strategies in Canada and abroad
  • CV and cover letter
  • Finding a project supervisor
  • Project registration and approval process
  • Report deadlines and evaluation
  • Bursaries and financial aid

Before the activity

Consult the Supervised project page

  *up to 24 hours before the activity



Career Management Services may be obliged to cancel certain activities on rare occasions.

        In such cases, registered persons shall be notified at least 24 hours in advance.

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