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To determine a realistic professional goal and action plan, you have to tangibly explore careers in management and live meaningful professional experiences in the management field.

5 objectives

  • Familiarize yourself with the more concrete aspects of careers in management: examples of positions, the day-to-day, conditions of employment, typical progression, among other things.
  • Find out about the trajectories of professionals currently evolving on the job market.
  • Identify your preferences: activity sectors, types of organizations and positions.
  • Validate your findings by living practical experiences in the field.
  • Define a realistic career plan that matches your aspirations.

How to meet these objectives

  • Consult the section Careers in management.
  • Gather information on job search sites, the career pages of companies that interest you, for example.
  • Search for inspiring professional profiles on social networks, for example. Contact them in order to ask for information and advice.
  • Make regular updates: organize and analyze the information you gathered.
  • Formulate your career plan and define the objectives that will help you reach it. Set the corresponding action plan.

A few tips from Karine Beauchamp, Advisor

Karine Beauchamp

"Don’t hesitate to discuss with numerous professionals. This will ensure a more effective job search process.

A quick tip: Program job alerts based on the predefined criteria you established. Every job offer provides a wealth of information!”

Karine Beauchamp, Career Management Advisor


Need help?

Career Management Services offers various services and workshops to determine a realistic professional goal and action plan.

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