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Boost your profile

You may think your diploma is all you need to stand out on the job market. Think again! For an employer, it’s the candidate’s overall profile that matters. Begin living meaningful experiences now and develop your skills!

Your Objective

Develop distinctive skills and achievements to validate your career plan and strengthen the credibility of your candidacy.

A tip from Claire Saint-Jacques, Advisor

Claire Saint-Jacques

"Would you like to maximize your chances of success? Live meaningful experiences right now. Indeed, more and more employers are recruiting candidates who are just starting out in their studies. Those students who can stand out right from the beginning will be selected."

Claire Saint-Jacques, Job Search Strategy Advisor


How to meet this objective

  • Focus on your studies while keeping your professional goal in mind.
  • Determine which skills will be required to fill the mandates or complete the tasks of your future profession. If necessary, refer to the Explore Careers page.
  • Review all the various experiences which would allow you to develop those skills, and then live those experiences.
  • Record them in the form of an action plan.

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