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Showcase Yourself

Before embarking on a quest for your dream job, you must have within reach all the necessary tools to prove to recruiters that you are the candidate they need.

3 objectives

  • Have a very good understanding of the challenges and expectations of recruiters.
  • Develop application tools adapted to the realities of employers and your career goal.
  • Learn to talk about yourself in professional terms.

How to meet these objectives

  • Find out about recruitment practices in your chosen profession.
  • Review your achievements and select those which can enhance your candidacy.
  • Demonstrate your skills, both orally and in writing, by giving specific examples of experience and achievements.
  • Create your job search tools: CV, presentation letter, positioning statement (elevator pitch), business card, LinkedIn profile.

A tip from Manon St-Michel, Advisor

Manon Saint-Michel

"Employers need to know that their prospective employees will be competent. Be sure to provide such reassurance by telling them how you acquired and demonstrated your skills. Be specific: provide the context, the mandate, the challenges, the actions posed and their results, for example."

Manon St-Michel, Job Search Strategy Advisor


Need help?

Career Management Services offers various individual services and workshops to help you show your best self to recruiters.

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