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Don't underestimate the importance of business cards

Business cards help you maintain contact with the people you met at all types of events, such as recruiting or networking events. They should reflect your professional project and provide your contact information so employers can reach you.

When to bring them

  • Recruiting or networking events
  • Speed Interviewing
  • Any unplanned situation where you need to present yourself as a future professional.

When to give one

Ideally, at the end of a conversation you've had with the representative of a company you are interested in or with a potential business partner!

You can also exchange contact information with your smartphones. But make sure to keep a business card on hand. The other person might prefer to have one, and everyone has cell phone battery issues from time to time!


What's on the card

  • Your first and last name (make sure it matches your CV or LinkedIn profile)
  • A photo (optional) This will help the other person remember you. Use the same photo that is on your LinkedIn profile. Read our recommendations on this topic.
  • Your study program, specialization and school
  • Your career objective, target field of specialization or current position (if relevant)
  • Information that could help you stand out, such as an achievement, certification, professional title or something you’re involved in
  • Professional experience
  • Contact info: phone number, email and your LinkedIn URL

If you feel the need, you could opt for a double-sided, bilingual business card: French on one side, and English on the other.

It is very likely that the other person will visit your LinkedIn profile. Make sure it is up to date. Visit the page Create your LinkedIn profile.


Anna-Gabrielle Vachon
Bachelor’s degree candidate in Business Administration,
marketing – HEC Montréal

Event planning and product management

President of the HEC Montréal Marketing Association

Telephone 514 000-0000


Karim Dray-Lozano
Specialized Graduate Diploma – Supply Chain Management

Six years’ experience in logistics chain management

Supply, stocks and transport

French, English and Spanish

SAP, Salesforce CRM, Oracle Business Intelligence

Telephone 514 000-0000

Need help?

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