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Know Yourself Well

The right career choice? It’s the one that resembles you. Reflect on life and experience it: take the time to discover who you are.

3 objectives

  • Explore your skills, interests, values and personality traits, but also your limits and your needs.
  • Keep reminders of what is important to you by organizing this information.
  • Validate your findings and learn more about yourself by living new experiences.

How to meet these objectives

  • Use lists, inventories, self-awareness tools.
  • Talk with friends, parents, teachers, and colleagues to get a picture of who you are from their points of view.
  • Recall past experiences: jobs, team projects, hobbies and commitments. Take stock of important points: what you learned about yourself in those situations.

The tools you need


Resources to evaluate management skills

Exploration questionnaire

Need help?

Career Management Services offers various services and workshops to determine a realistic professional goal and action plan.

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