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Recruiting or networking events

Recruiting and networking events are a chance for you to learn more about companies that are recruiting and the positions they offer. They are also a chance to connect with professionals who are likely to share information with you to facilitate your entry to the job market.

Different types of events

  • Pre-recruitment meetings. HEC Montréal organizes pre-recruitment events. An employer comes to present their company and the positions they offer, which is followed by a networking session.
  • Cocktail events. These are normally hosted by one or several employers, or by student associations. This is a chance to talk with recruiters.
  • Business meals. Employers invite candidates to business meals to meet them.
  • Job fairs. Job fairs are events that bring together various employers that are represented at kiosks.
  • Recruiters organize a host of other activities.

At HEC Montréal and elsewhere

Stay informed by regularly checking:

  • The events calendar in the My Career portal
  • Emails from various HEC Montréal departments and entities
  • Websites for government or community programs for school-to-work transition
  • Social media and websites for:

Events recommended by Career Management Services

Pre-recruitment meetings and recruitment events

Several times a year, employers visit HEC Montréal to recruit students in their final year of study. Some also offer summer jobs, internships or supervised projects.


For jobs, internships, or supervised projects:

  • September to November
  • And, from January to April

Participating businesses: consulting firms, large companies, financial institutions, Quebec and Canadian civil service, businesses in emerging fields, etc.

See the events calendar on the My Career portal.


Before, during and after the event: a few tips

Before the event

During the event

  • Introduce yourself to people. Be friendly and polite, and smile.
  • Start conversations with your positioning statement.
  • Ask questions and listen to people’s answers.
  • Stay open and try to find things or connections you have in common with other people, or ways that you can help each other, etc.
  • Spend about ten minutes with each person. This may vary depending on the number of people at the event and how interested the other person appears. Don’t monopolize a recruiter when others are waiting to speak with them.

End the conversation

  • Offer your business card to the other person if you would like to keep in contact with them (e.g. for an informational meeting). They will probably also give you their contact information. If not, write down their name. You can try to find them later on LinkedIn or their company’s website.

  • End the conversation properly. Example: “It was so nice to meet you. I’ll let you speak with the other candidates. I truly hope we will have another chance to speak.”

Before leaving the event

  • Take the time to thank the organizers. This strengthens your rapport with them.

After the event

Need more information?

Career Management Services invites you to participate in the workshop entitled Preparing for on-campus recruitment (in French only).

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