Guide to Planning a Student Event

Your student association, interest group, or committee wants to hold an event at HEC Montréal. This guide is a reminder of the essential information that Student Services has already shared with you.


A website and resources

The website Plan an event at HEC Montréal gives you access to documents such as:


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An overview of the procedure

The Student event planning procedure lays out four main steps for planning a successful event:

  1. Designate a person in charge of service requests
  2. Check availability for the rooms you will need
  3. Request approval from Student Services and Security Service
  4. Request services for the event: food and alcohol, layout, audiovisual support, communications, etc.

The Guide to Using Event Resources and Requesting Services will be quite helpful when completing the 4th step!


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Mandatory training

At the start of each term, Student Services offers student group leaders the training Organisez un événement à HEC Montréal. Anyone who wishes to plan an event must have completed this training first. For more information, email


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Request approval for an activity

To have an activity approved, complete the event approval request form (in French).

Haven’t done the training yet? Email


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Reserve a room for a student event

Notes about the spaces

Student group members can reserve:

  • student lounges
  • public rooms
  • meeting rooms
  • classrooms
  • study rooms.


Things to know:

  • For every activity, the legal maximum capacity of the reserved room must not be exceeded.
  • All room layout plans must be approved by Security Service.
  • The student lounge terraces are the only places that can accommodate a barbecue activity.
  • On weekends, only one activity can be held per room. As of 3:00 p.m. on Fridays, none of the school’s resources are available to break down or change a room layout.
  • For weekend activities requiring special layout or cleanup, Building Services may bill the event planners to cover the cost of a mechanic or electrician for the occasion.
  • Background music can be played using the school’s equipment in public rooms.


Reservation procedure

  • The reservation procedure for a student event is different from other event procedures (standard or research events).
  • Only student group members who have completed the training required by Student Services can make a request. Haven’t done the training yet? Email for more information.
  • It is recommended to reserve rooms as early as possible. The request processing time is at least three business days.
  • Requests must be made using the event approval request form (in French).


Procedure to change or cancel a reservation

  • To change or cancel a reservation, use the event approval request form (in French).
  • For event cancellations, make sure to notify all the services involved in the event, failing which, fees may apply.


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Request event services

Once you have received authorization from Student Services, you can make service requests to meet your specific needs.

Refer to the Guide to Using Event Resources and Requesting Services, as needed.

In the Events portal – Demandes de services — Jira

You can access several services through this request centralization tool.

Access the Events portal – Demandes de services — Jira (in French)

Make a request with other services


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Funding activities

External sponsors

Sponsors can be present at your event, but there are rules to follow.

  • Their stands must be in closed space that only the target audience can access.
  • They are not permitted to distribute or promote products or services at the school.
  • They cannot approach attendees or serve alcohol.
  • Sponsor names and logos can be displayed on an exceptional basis during the activity.

Request school funding for activities

HEC Montréal can contribute financially to student activities through its Fonds Leadership and Sustainability Fund.

  • Only recognized HEC Montréal student groups can request funding.
  • It is important to complete request forms, meet the deadline for submitting a form, and adhere to the evaluation criteria and terms.
  • A visibility plan is required.

More information (in French)


Only recognized HEC Montréal student groups can hold fundraisers on campus. They must request authorization from

Only HEC Montréal students can hold these activities on campus. External persons are not permitted to hold such activities.


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Activity promotion, posters, and screens

  • Paper posters promoting activities put on by recognized HEC Montréal student groups are authorized on campus.
  • It is also possible to promote activities on the digital signage network (réseau ADN) and on the Student Services screen.
  • The distribution of brochures, pamphlets, or flyers is not permitted.

Paper posters

There are only a few places where posters are authorized in the Côte-Sainte-Catherine and Decelles buildings. There is also a limit on the number of posters that can be hung.

You must obtain authorization from Student Services before hanging paper posters. Get them stamped in room RJ.711 in the Côte-Sainte-Catherine building.

Do not hang posters on any architectural element or furniture at the school.


Côte-Sainte-Catherine building

How many posters can be hung

  • 5 posters, plus 1 on the Student Services bulletin board

Where posters can be hung

  • Bulletin boards on the ground floor (rez-de-chaussée, at the far end of the lockers)
  • Bulletin boards in the west hallway of the student group rooms (graduate studies only)
  • Student Services bulletin board


Decelles building

Authorized number of posters

  • 2 posters

Where posters can be hung

  • Bulletin boards in the cafeteria


A few rules to follow

  • French must be the dominant language, as per the law.
  • It must include the name and/or logo of the organizing student group.
  • Do not use any language that is hateful, violent, sexist, racist, or discriminatory.
  • Do not promote the consumption of alcohol.
  • Do not promote sponsor products or services. Sponsor names and logos can be displayed on an exceptional basis during the activity.

Find out more (in French).



Digital signage network screens (Réseau ADN)

See the services offered and the request procedure


Student Services screen

  • Screen located at the hallway entrance to the Mont-Royal student lounge (Côte-Sainte-Catherine building).
  • Submit a request at least 10 business days before the date of the activity by emailing
  • Attach an image of your poster to the email (jpg, 16:9 format, landscape orientation). The image must contain the name and/or logo of the organizing student group, and the title, date, and location of the event.


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Alcohol: safety conditions and rules

Student group members are required to read and follow the regulation on student activities and alcoholic beverages (in French).


Alcohol permit

Coop HEC Montréal is the only entity on campus with an alcohol permit. The Coop will manage your alcohol orders once the event has been approved by Student Services and Security Service.



The conditions established by Student Services must be adhered to in full. They include:

  • How long alcohol can be served. This cannot exceed three hours.
  • The number of security officers required for the activity.

You can read the conditions in the event request approval form once Security Service has approved it.

Those planning the event are responsible for making sure that no person under age 18 has access to alcohol.

  • This must be done in cooperation with the Security Service, in accordance with a prior agreement.
  • Minors will have a bracelet attached to their wrist at the entrance of the room where the event is held.
  • The persons planning the event cannot under any circumstances allow minors to be served alcohol.


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Other important information


Hours during which events can be held

  • The event must take place during the school’s business hours. It must end at least 30 minutes before the building closes.
  • Certain activities can take place outside business hours, for which you must request authorization by emailing


Job-related activities

  • Career Management Services coordinates all recruitment activities on campus and makes sure everything runs smoothly.
  • At the start of the school year, student groups must submit a list of the job-related events they have planned (e.g., networking, recruitment). This list includes a brief description of the activity, the contact information of involved businesses, and the partnership plan. Email and
  • Student groups that wish to plan other job-related events must email Student Career Services before they start planning, at Student Career Services will evaluate whether they can provide support.


Obtain authorization to film or hold a photo session

Want to film or hold a photo session on HEC Montréal campus? You must first request authorization from the Office of Communications and Government Relations.

  • The request must be made by email at least 2 business days before the event.
  • Filming or taking photographs in a room at the school: before requesting authorization, you must have requested to reserve the room and obtained approval from Student Services.
  • Filming or taking photographs in spaces that cannot be reserved: specify this in your email to the Office of Communications and Government Relations, who will decide whether to authorize filming or a photo session.
  • See the procedure for obtaining authorization (in French only).


Provide WiFi network access

It is possible to provide event attendees with WiFi network access. Make a request by emailing


Flame retardant decorations and banners

  • All decorations and banners hung on site at the event must be flame retardant.
  • You must have any external decorations approved by Security Service. Email


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