Food service – Event support

Coop HEC Montréal offers customized catering services for quick, practical meals. It offers lunch boxes as well as more elaborate meals requiring service: breakfast buffets, coffee breaks, banquets, and cocktail events.

For more information about food service and Coop HEC Montréal’s rates, see the catering services page (in French).

Note that Coop HEC Montréal is the only entity on campus with an alcohol permit. You are required to go through the Coop for any alcohol needs.

Reminder: You must obtain approval in advance to hold an event with alcohol service. If the event has not yet been approved, email to inform them of the activity (date and time, room(s), and the number of attendees).


How to request services

Step 1: Use the Events portal – Demandes de services — Jira (in French) to let Coop HEC Montréal know that you need their catering services. Download the order form for your event type: student, standard, research, or external.

Step 2: Further to your request, a service ticket (Jira) will be created to notify Coop HEC Montréal Coop of your order.

Step 3: You can then send the order form completed through the service ticket (Jira) to Coop HEC Montréal.


Be very precise when completing the form. Try to describe your needs in as much detail as possible and provide all the requested information.


Go to the Events portal - Demandes de services — Jira (in French)


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