Order and hang flags – Event support

You need to hang the flags of countries, provinces, territories, or organizations in a space at HEC Montréal for an event you are planning. Below is a list of available flags, the order of precedence to follow, and how to hang them.


List of flags available at HEC Montréal

Algeria Libya
Andorra Lithuania
Argentina Madagascar
Australia Mali
Austria Mauritania
Bangladesh Mauritius
Belgium Mexico
Benin Morocco
Brazil Netherlands
Burkina Faso New Zealand
Burundi Niger
Cameroon Nigeria
Canada Norway
Chad Pakistan
Chile Panama
China Peru
Colombia Poland
Congo Qatar
Denmark Quebec
European Union Romania
Finland Russia
France Rwanda
Gabon Saudi Arabia
Gambia Senegal
Germany Singapore
Ghana Somalia
Gibraltar South Africa
Great Britain South Korea
Greece Spain
Guinea Sweden
Haiti Switzerland
HEC Montréal Tanzania
India Togo
Indonesia Tunisia
Iran Turkey
Ireland Uganda
Italy United States
Ivory Coast Venezuela
Kenya Vietnam


Order of precedence for flags

One flag: A single flag is placed in the centre of the stage. However, on a podium, it must be placed to the left of the lectern.

Two flags: The most important flag must be placed on the left (stage left). The Canadian flag must occupy the place of honour when hung along with other flags.

Three flags: The Canadian flag must be placed in the centre, with the second most important flag hung to the left (stage left) and the third most important flag to the right (stage right).

Four flags: When there are four flags, they must be placed in descending order from left to right, meaning from the most important to the least.


Order of precedence for flags:

  1. The flag of Canada
  2. The flags of other sovereign nations, in alphabetical order (if applicable)
  3. The flags of the provinces of Canada, in the order in which they joined the Confederation
  4. The flags of the territories of Canada, in the order in which they joined the Confederation
  5. The flags of municipalities or cities
  6. The flags and banners of organizations


How to request services

See if the flags you need will be available for the dates and times of the event, by emailing communications@hec.ca.

To have flags hung, you must make a Maximo request.

To make a Maximo request, you must have a user account. Don’t have one? Find out how to get one by emailing maximo@hec.ca

Make a Maximo request


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