Plan a student event

Your student group wants to plan an event. Approvals, room reservations, and service requests: follow these steps so your event goes off without a hitch.



Step 1: Identify the person in charge of service requests.

This person will:

  • make service requests (Jira)
  • be the go-between for the organizing team and the involved services.

Have you completed the Student Services (SAE) training?

  • At the start of each term, Student Services offers the training Organisez un événement à HEC Montréal to the heads of student groups.
  • Anyone who wishes to plan an event must have first completed this training.
  • For more information, email


Step 2: Check room availability.

We recommend checking the room calendar to make sure rooms are available before asking the SAE to approve your event. The training you received mentions all the rooms that can potentially be reserved.

See the room availability

Haven’t done the training yet? Email


Step 3: Ask Student Services (SAE) to approve your event and reserve the rooms you need.

You must receive authorization from student services for any event you wish to plan. You can also use the approval request form to:

  • Reserve the rooms you need
  • Inform the Security Service of your event and obtain their approval.

When you receive the email confirming that your request has been processed, you must return the approval request form to read the SAE’s instructions and, in some cases, the Security Service’s instructions. If your event is approved, you can submit your service requests.

Complete the form (in French only)

Haven’t done the training yet? Email


Step 4: Request services for your specific needs.


In the Events portal – Demandes de services – Jira (French only)

You can access several services through this request centralization tool. Refer to the Guide to Using Event Resources and Requesting Services, as needed.

Access the Events portal – Demandes de services – Jira (French only)


Requests with other services


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