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A convocation is held each year (on a different date). At this graduation ceremony, you will receive an official letter of congratulations for having successfully completed your program of studies.


Waiting period for obtaining the diploma


You will receive your diploma about five months after completing your studies. It will be sent to the mailing address in your HEC en ligne account.

In the meantime, you may request a proof of graduation letter.

Short undergraduate and graduate programs

If you have completed a short undergraduate or graduate program, you will receive your attestation of studies about five months after completing your studies.


Duplicate diploma

How to Obtain a Duplicate diploma

You must complete the Duplicate Diploma Form and then sign it in the presence of a commissioner for oaths. After that, you must mail it or bring it in person to the Zone Info, along with a certified cheque or money order payable to HEC Montréal (see the “Administrative fees” section).

You will receive your duplicate diploma within six weeks.

You can Find a commissioner of oaths

  • By consulting the Justice Québec website
  • At a municipal, provincial or federal government organization
  • At a banking institution
  • By writing to Zone Info

Outside Canada

You can request a legalization of the signature or an authentification of the document.



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