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Tuition fees

Fees by program

Your invoice for tuition fees will be available on HEC en ligne about two weeks before the beginning of courses.

Tuition fees for previous terms (all programs)

Breakdown of institutional fees

Deadline for payment

Fall 2021 September 16
Winter 2022 January 20
Summer 2022 May 12

Additional fees will be charged for not respecting a deadline: $25 plus 3% of the outstanding balance by term. Students whose accounts are not settled on or before the tuition fee payment deadline will have limited access to HEC en ligne.

You remain responsible for the fees for any enrollment in your record which has not been cancelled by the dates specified in the academic calendar, whether or not you are attending the School. Non-payment of tuition fees is not considered to be a notice of cancellation.

Methods of payment


Online or in person through your financial institution

  • Payee: HEC Montréal
  • Reference number: Your HEC Montréal student number (8 digits)

Your payment should be made no later than the due date indicated on your invoice.

List of participating financial institutions:


Paying by Cheque or bank draft

  • Indicate your HEC Montréal student number, your first and last name, and your date of birth.
  • For amounts over $2,500, have your cheque or bank draft certified.

Mail it to:

Accounting and Treasury Services
3000, chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal (Québec) Canada H3T 2A7


International students : via the CIBC portal or by electronic transfer of funds

VIA the CIBC portal

HEC Montréal has partnered with one of the largest financial institutions to offer CIBC’s International Student Pay to its international students; a secure online portal to make tuition payments in the currency of your choice.

The benefits of the CIBC International Student Pay Program include:

  • Enhanced student experience: you can easily make a tuition payment in your preferred currency.
  • Access to live foreign exchange rates: you’ll have access to the competitive foreign exchange rates CIBC is providing to HEC Montréal.
  • End-to-End communication: you’ll receive detailed instructions and a reference code to deliver to your local bank within 72 hours (excluding weekends).

Visit the CIBC International Student Pay website.

Electronic transfer of funds

Financial institutions charge approximately C$40 for each transfer. To ensure that you respect the tuition fee payment deadline, transfer the funds at least 10 days before the deadline.


Send your payment to:

National Bank
5355, chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges
Montréal (Québec)  H3T 1Y4

Branch number: CC0006 1133-1
Account number: 00-046-29
IBAN code: CC0006113310004629
Swift code (BIC code): BND CCAMM INT
Payee: HEC Montréal
Student information: Student's first and last name and HEC Montréal student number (8 digits)

Consult HEC en ligne > Tuition fees > Invoices, to see whether the payment has been received.


If you have a credit balance, you can request a refund by writing to us.

Make sure to update your mailing address in HEC en ligne.


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