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Attestations and transcripts

online application

Official transcript Electronic form
Unofficial transcript HEC en ligne
Attestation OPUS card HEC en ligne
Proof of enrolment HEC en ligne
Attestation of studies completed Electronic form
Proof of enrollment to renew immigration documents Electronic form
Proof of tuition fees paid HEC en ligne
Document requiring the registrar's seal Electronic form

If you are getting an "Access Denied" error, please contact Zone Info. No document will be sent by email.


Application in person

Go to the Zone Info with a valid photo ID. Your document will be issued to you on the spot.



Processing time

It will take five business days. More time may be needed in some cases.

Past due account

Documents will not be issued to any student whose account is past due.


If you cannot collect the document yourself, please indicate the name of the person who will do it for you, in the online form. This designated person will have to present a valid photo ID for collecting the document


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