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Research Council

The Research Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer. 

The Research Council is composed of:

  • the Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer (who chairs the Council);
  • the Ph.D. Program Director;
  • the Master of Science (MSc) Program Director;
  • the Associate Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer;
  • a representative of each academic department;
  • the Secretary of the Research Council.

Members of the Research Council 2020-2021

Caroline Aubé
President, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer

Robert Gagné
Associate Director, Research and Knowledge Transfer

Guy Paré
Ph.D. Program Director

Sihem Taboubi
Director of the Master of Science program (MSc)

David Doloreux
Departement of International Business

Hafedh Bouakez
Department of Applied Economics

Mai Thi Thanh Thai
Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Georges Dionne
Department of Finance

Jean-François Cordeau
Department of Logistics and Operations Management

Christian Lévesque
Department of Human Resources Management

Isabelle Le Breton-Miller
Department of Management

Marie-Agnès Parmentier
Department of Marketing

Yves Bozec
Department of Accounting Studies

Aurélie Labbe
Department of Decision Sciences

Ann-Frances Cameron
Department of Information Technologies

Sophie Briand
Secretary of the Research Council, Director of Operations, Research and Knowledge Transfer Office

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