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December 19, 2011
Professor Ryad Titah wins the highest distinction for a dissertation in information systems
December 16, 2011
Science and technology ethics: Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné’s term renewed at the CEST
December 12, 2011
An HEC Montréal student named "Apprentice of the Year"
December 8, 2011
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest: six winning firms originated at HEC Montréal
December 6, 2011
An article by Marketing Professor Yany Grégoire wins an award in Australia
December 2, 2011
2011 UFE: Congratulations to the 159 graduates who passed the CA exam!
December 1, 2011
Professor Georges Dionne receives the Jean Guertin Award
December 1, 2011
2011 research and teaching awards
November 30, 2011
An HEC Montréal team shines at the “Tweete tes neurones !” Challenge
November 29, 2011
Pascal François appointed Co-Editor of Finance
November 28, 2011
Certificate and specialized graduate diploma convocation ceremony
November 22, 2011
Meeting of the International Advisory Board
Leading international executives meet and take part
November 22, 2011
IAB announces a partnership with the MBA program and a new scholarship for the trilingual BAA students
November 17, 2011
HEC Montréal announces Its imarkscore Index
- The only Canadian index of the quality of companies’ interactive presence -
November 16, 2011
A team from the School takes 2nd place in the Best in Class Invitational Case Competition
November 16, 2011
Two Master of Laws (Taxation option) grads receive a $2,500 prize from the APFF
November 15, 2011
A team of BBA students takes 2nd place in the KGP competition
November 14, 2011
Jean-Charles Chebat wins the Leaders in Business Research and Practice Award
November 11, 2011
“Blackface” incident: HEC Montréal has designed a customized program
November 7, 2011
A team of MBA students to take part in the FEI Canada Best in Class Invitational Case Competition
November 2, 2011
François Bédard, first winner of the Cultural Manager Award
October 31, 2011
An HEC Montréal team wins the 2011 Social Enterprise Cup
October 28, 2011
Quebec Auditor General Renaud Lachance named a Distinguished Alumnus
October 24, 2011
HEC Montréal in the Top 50 of a global employability ranking
October 19, 2011
HEC Montréal wins the “Jury's Choice” Award as one of the best employers in Quebec
October 17, 2011
Which MBA? and The Princeton Review: HEC Montréal stands out
October 14, 2011
Doctoral Student Jean-Mathieu Fallu receives a prestigious Marketing Award
October 12, 2011
Renewed support for the Canada Research Chair in Logistics and Transportation
October 7, 2011
Georges Dionne receives the Innis-Gérin Medal from the Royal Society of Canada
October 6, 2011
Christian Vandenberghe elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
October 5, 2011
Jean-François Cloutier (Graduate Diploma in Marketing Communication) heads to Cannes
October 4, 2011
Over $1.2 million in funding for 19 PhD and postdoctoral students, alumni and fellows
September 30, 2011
Denis Kessler, Doctor honoris causa
September 28, 2011
Benefit Golf Tournament: Supporting international experiences
September 26, 2011
The Montreal Structured Finance and Derivatives Institute Launched
September 19, 2011
The HEC Montréal MSc in Administration makes the Financial Times ranking
September 16, 2011
HEC Montréal seizes a learning opportunity
September 15, 2011
Online Marketing Challenge: Our Teams Stand Out On Their First Try
September 15, 2011
Eduardo Schiehll made a CMA Fellow
September 13, 2011
Graduate Convocation
580 Graduates Ready for New Challenges!
September 9, 2011
Louise Séguin Dulude Made a Professor Emeritus
September 1, 2011
A Norwegian University Awards Professor Ann Langley an Honorary PhD
August 29, 2011
Call for nominations for the Cultural Manager Award
August 22, 2011
Granting Agencies: Close to Half a Million Dollars for 21 MSc Students
August 18, 2011
A Paper by François Carrillat and Renaud Legoux Wins at the International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management
August 10, 2011
HEC Montréal’s MBA Among the 12 Best International Programs, According to Forbes
Only Canadian school in the top one-year program ranking
July 25, 2011
Two Students Conducting Summer Research Projects Thanks to NSERC Awards
July 20, 2011
Luciano Barin Cruz Wins an Award of Outstanding Achievement from the Emerald Literati Network
July 11, 2011
Major Agreement for the BBA Program with Chongqing Technology and Business University
July 6, 2011
Faculty and Students Honoured at the Recent ASAC Conference
June 28, 2011
François Carrillat Wins an Award of Outstanding Achievement from the Emerald Literati Network
June 22, 2011
Research Grants: 30 New Projects Accepted
June 21, 2011
Our Students Honoured at the 2011 CMA Awards Gala
June 16, 2011
Student competitions: HEC Montréal a winner on the international scene
June 13, 2011
Six HEC Montréal Students Awarded Lieutenant Governor's Youth Medals
June 9, 2011
Georges Dionne Appointed President Elect of the Canadian Economics Association
June 7, 2011
Quebec Creativity in the Spotlight
June 2, 2011
Responsible Consumption: Élodie Palluet (MSc) Wins Best Paper Award
May 27, 2011
Winners of the 2011 Relève d'excellence Awards
May 26, 2011
Louis R. Chênevert and C. R. Hinings Awarded Honorary PhDs
May 25, 2011
Jacob Lithgow Awarded a PRM SAS Institute Bursary
May 24, 2011
The School Stands Out at the 2011 Journées de la finance mathématique
May 20, 2011
Alexandre Jeanneret Is the Recipient of the AFFI-NYSE EURONEXT 2010 Award
May 19, 2011
Louise Martel and Diane Paul Win the 2011 CAAA Case Study Competition
May 18, 2011
HEC Montréal, First in Quebec on the PA2 CGA Canada National Exam in March 2011
May 16, 2011
Jean-François Ouellet a Winner at the 2011 APCM Gala
May 11, 2011
A New Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Governance at HEC Montréal
May 3, 2011
Over $2.5 Million in Scholarships and Bursaries in 2010-2011
May 2, 2011
The HEC Montréal Team Takes Top Honours in the Citizen Act Competition
April 28, 2011
Professor Nicolas Papageorgiou Shares the 2010 ACHRA Award in Alternative Investments
April 18, 2011
Gerardo Berbeglia Wins the 2010 Mercure Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation
April 15, 2011
Mélanie Dussarrat Honoured by the Association of Québec Women in Finance
April 14, 2011
The Génération RSE – Les porteurs d’espoir team among the 10 Citizen Act finalists
April 14, 2011
The IAB Meets in Paris for a Roundtable Discussion on Financial Stability
April 8, 2011
The World Health Organization Seeks Guy Paré’s Expertise
April 8, 2011
The Standard Life–HEC Montréal Fund Tops the RISE Forum Again
April 7, 2011
Alexandre Corhay Wins the Award for the Best Master's Thesis
April 6, 2011
Michael Sabia, Professor for a Day
April 4, 2011
$250,000 to Optimize the Management of Cultural Organizations
April 4, 2011
Over $7,000 Raised in 5 Days
April 4, 2011
DESSCP Students Take First Prize
March 23, 2011
HEC Montréal Takes Second Place in the Excalibur Tournament
March 18, 2011
A New Institute on Structured Finance and Derivatives at HEC Montréal
March 15, 2011
In the Street, for a Good Cause!
March 14, 2011
Luc Chatel, French Minister of National Education, Youth and Community Life, Visits the School
March 10, 2011
The Executive Education Department is an Important Partner in the Espace Formation Website
March 2, 2011
Renewed International Recognition for the MBA Program
February 23, 2011
On the MSc Honour Roll in Fall 2010
February 21, 2011
The BDA Foundation and HEC Montreal Sign a Partnership Agreement on Sustainable Development
February 14, 2011
HEC Montréal Posts Outstanding Results on the December 2010 National CGA Canada Exams
February 1, 2011
Haithem Zourrig Wins an Award for His Doctoral Thesis
January 28, 2011
The HEC Montréal Team, Génération RSE – Les Porteurs d’espoirs, To Compete In the “Citizen Act” Game Organized by the Société Générale
January 24, 2011
Jean-Charles Chebat Wins the Marketing Trends Award
January 21, 2011
Subsidy from the CFI and the Quebec government to create the Tech3Lab laboratory
January 20, 2011
Thirteen BBA students on their way to the 2011 Edition of the Harvard World Model United Nations
January 10, 2011
HEC Montréal on the podium for the 20th time at the Commerce Games
January 7, 2011
The Canada Research Chair in Risk Management receives a $714,000 grant
January 6, 2011
Marlei Pozzebon’s research honoured twice over
January 4, 2011
2010 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest: Six Winners from the School

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