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CV examples

See our CV examples to understand the principles of writing a CV.

Don't copy these examples. Don’t just change a few of the words either.

Recruiters have already read hundreds of CVs, many of which they’ve received from HEC Montréal students. They have no trouble identifying which ones are direct or near copies of the examples provided by Career Management Services.

To write a winning CV that matches your career objective, see the following pages:

Create your master CV

Modify your master CV to fit your objectives



CV in French CV in English
BBA (example 1) Download Download
BBA (example 2) Download
BBA (For the French job market) Download
BBA (CPA) Download
BMgt Download
BMgt (newcomers) Download
BMgt (CPA) Download


  CV in French CV in English
Certificate Download
Certificate (newcomers) Download Download
Certificate (CPA) Download


CV in French CV in English
MBA (example 1) Download Download
MBA (example 2) Download Download
MBA (example 3) Download Download
MBA (example 4) Download Download

Graduate degrees by the field of study

Field of study Related specializations CV in French CV in English
Business analysis – information technologies  Download Download
Electronic commerce
  • User experience
Download Download
  • Accounting-control-audit
Download Download
Professional accounting
  •  CPA (D.E.S.S.)
Sustainable development
  • Sustainable development management
  • Management and sustainable development
Download Download
  • Applied economics
Download Download
  • Business administration
  • Management in a context of social innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategy
Download Download
  • Applied financial economics
  • Management – financial professions
  • Propedeutics
  • Financial professions
Download Download
Cultural management
  • Management of cultural enterprises
Download Download
Human resource management
  • Organizational development
Download Download
Business intelligence
  • Business analytics
  • Data mining in business intelligence
Download Download
  • Process performance improvement—health and social services system
  • Operations performance improvement
  • Supply chain management
  • Operations management
  • Global supply chain management
Download Download
  • International business
Download Download

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