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PhD in administration - Management Science

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Dynamic Games and Applications

Description This research program is devoted to the development of dynamic game theory and its applications in supply chains, environmental management and marketing.
Research environment Chair in Game Theory and Management
Faculty supervisor Georges Zaccour

Electricity market: Regional modelling

Description Study and analysis of electricity markets in Northeastern North America. Modelling of investments in generation, transmission and storage, energy exchanges and hourly load in a decarbonization context.
Research environment Chair in Energy Sector Management
Faculty supervisor Pierre-Olivier Pineau

Reinforcement Learning, Energy and Environment

Description Development and application of Reinforcement Learning and other dynamic programming techniques to the optimization of large-scale energy models, especially for the North American power sector. Special emphasis on the environmental impacts and the assessment of risks. Analysis and identification of public policies in the energy sector.
Research environment Group for Research in Decision Analysis (GERAD)
Faculty supervisor Michel Denault

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90 credits
  • Full time
  • Day

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