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Applying for a study permit

The study permit must be valid for the duration of your studies. It can be renewed from Canada.


Visit web page Study permit: How to apply

Your country’s Canadian visa office provides instructions

Other countries than France: read our advice

What to know before you apply

After submitting your application

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a letter of introduction by email. Take a printout of this document before leaving your country. This letter is not your study permit; you will obtain your study permit once you enter Canada.

Sign up for Accueil Plus, a free welcoming service for international students: As part of the service, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will be able to issue your study permit in advance. This will speed up your passage through customs.

Refugees and asylum seekers

Students seeking asylum or refugee status in Canada are considered international students, since they are neither permanent residents nor Canadian citizens. They need to request a free study permit.

To pursue their studies, they will need to provide the following documents:

Need help?

Email us at sae.accueil@hec.ca.

Exchange students: please contact incoming@hec.ca


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