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Setting up your family


Work permit for spouse or common-law partner

Spouses or partners of international full-time students can apply for open work permits. They do not need to have a job offer or be subject to labour market impact assessment.

  • You can apply for work and study permits at the same time.
  • The work permit will be valid for the same period as the study permit.

For more information, go to the following pages of the Government of Canada website:


Family insurance plans

HEC Montréal’s insurance plan for international students does not carry a family option. However, if you have a family health insurance plan that provides medical coverage equal to or greater than the medical insurance provided by HEC Montréal, you may be exempt from it as a student. You can search for a plan that suits your family’s needs at SecuriglobeKanetix.ca, Croix-Bleue or Desjardins.

Note that since September 2021, all children are eligible for the Québec health insurance and basic prescription drug insurance plans provided that they are present in Québec for more than 6 months per year, whether they were born here or not.




  • CPE: Acronym for Centre de la petite enfance, the network of public daycares subsidized by the Quebec government.
  • Daycare: For-profit or not-for-profit childcare facilities.
  • Family Daycare: Small-scale daycares set up in private homes and overseen by either a CPE or co-ordinating office.
  • Babysitter or nanny: People who care for children at their parent’s home.
  • Halte-garderie: French term for a short-term daycare. These facilities allow you to drop your child off for a few hours of play time.


Daycares in Quebec are either

Parents are charged a basic fee, plus an additional fee calculated on family revenue. Use the daycare cost calculator to figure out the tentative daily fee.




Minor children, whose parents have arrived in Quebec or hold a work or study permit, must generally obtain the following documents:

This applies to children of elementary school age.

Anglophone Montréal-area school boards – Primary public schools

Francophone Montréal-area school boards – Primary public schools

Private primary schools in Montreal

Secondary public school in Montreal

Secondary private school in Montreal 


Other resources

  • PROMIS: support for immigrants and refugees
  • Cigogne Association, a non-profit organization that helps students with families find balance in their lives.
  • Réseau pour un Québec Famille, a French-only site run by a non-profit organization that brings families together to talk about common experiences and challenges.

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