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Agility, growth and continuity of organizations

HEC Montréal conducts research in all fields of management, opening the way to applications with a real impact on the abilities, development and very existence of organizations. From human resources management to marketing and entrepreneurship, our research teams have a real impact on your daily life and those of millions of people.

Research themes related to this issue

  • Entrepreneurship and relaunches
  • Governance
  • Organizational strategy
  • Change management
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Marketing strategies
  • Forms of work organization
  • Personnel management
  • Occupational health and work commitment

These research themes can contribute to addressing different issues.

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HEC Montréal has placed research and knowledge transfer at the heart of its mission. In particular, it prioritizes research activities with the potential to demonstrate leadership, and which respond to the issues currently facing society.


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