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FAQ - ZoneRecherche


I don’t have access to ZoneRecherche. When I try to log in, I get the error message that my account has been deactivated.

Access to ZoneRecherche is reserved exclusively for professors.

If you are newly hired at HEC Montréal, you may not yet have access to ZoneRecherche. Access is activated when we integrate data from Human Resources and Office of the Registrar, and this is done manually at different times of the year. If this is your situation, you can write to activites.recherche@hec.ca to check when your access will be available.


What information from ZoneRecherche is published on my official web page?

Information from ZoneRecherche published on professors' web pages is determined by the Faculty Affairs.


You must enter your expertise in French and English under your profile in ZoneRecherche.

Publications of the last 5 years

You must enter your publications in ZoneRecherche and save them with the status "completed". Only the following publication categories will be published on your web page: peer-reviewed journal article, edited book, or book chapter (their status must be accepted, online, in press, or published).

Awards and honors of the last 5 years

You must record your activities in ZoneRecherche and save them with the status "completed" so that they appear on your web page.

Supervision of the last 5 years  

Supervision or co-supervision of students only, and students must have graduated. No action is required on your part for this data. They are imported automatically at each integration (Office of the Registrar’s data).

Consult the User Guide in ZoneRecherche for the procedure to record this information:

  • In ZoneRecherche, at the top of the page, click on the section named "Tools".
  • Then select "ZR User Guide and Useful Links"


  • Under "Useful Links", click on the "User Guide" link to download the guide. 



For any other information to add / modify on your web page, please use the digital communications portal: http://www.hec.ca/portail-cn.


Once I have entered my information in ZoneRecherche, how long does it take before it appears on my web page?

The information entered (expertise, articles, books, book chapters, awards and honors) will appear on your web page after 24 to 48 hours. The Library will validate them and after validation, the web page will be automatically updated with more detailed information (eg: co-authors, URLs, etc.).


I entered a book chapter, but when I search for the associated book, the system cannot find it and I cannot save my chapter.

If you can’t find a book with the search tool, it’s because it does not exist in the ZoneRecherche database. You must therefore add it and enter the book information as follows:

  • Click on the white "+" icon on the right (see image below). This will open another window and you can enter information about the book.


  • Once the information has been entered, click on the "Completed" button and then click on the "Completed" status.

  • The book window will close and you can then finish entering information for the chapter and save the chapter. * Don't forget to click on the "Completed" status for the chapter as well.

I have entered all the information for my publication / activity, but the system says it is "Incomplete".

First, check if you have entered all the information required for a publication (mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk *). Also, the system will indicate the missing information to save the publication with the status "completed".

If all the mandatory fields are filled in, then please make sure to save your publication / activity with the status "Completed". 

Reminder: How to save my entry (French only)

Note: To be sure that you have no more "incomplete" activities, you can look in your dashboard (main screen when you access ZoneRecherche) and if there are any items left in "Things to do", this is because it was not saved well. You must then click on each element to complete the information and then click on "Save and submit" and then on "Completed".


Can I import my publications and activities directly from Web of Science, Google Scholar or ORCID?

No, it’s not possible to import data from external sources in ZoneRecherche. You must manually enter all your information.


How do I find the ranking of a journal based on the Article Influence Score?

ZoneRecherche allows you to find a journal and its ranking in the JCR based on the Article Influence Score. However, for a journal to be listed in ZoneRecherche, there must be at least one publication of this journal that has been registered, and it must also have been validated by the Library. The annual ranking is awarded after final validation by the Research and Knowledge Transfer Office. ZoneRecherche then assigns the annual rating based on the most recent edition of the JCR. This is usually done in late fall.

To find a journal and its ranking:

  • On your dashboard, in the left menu, click on "Journals".
  • In the list of journals, then click on the "Filter" button.
  • From the drop-down list, select "Name". You can enter the name of the journal and if it’s in ZoneRecherche, you will find it in the list of results.
  • Then click on the journal link and you will get its annual ranking.

If the journal is not in ZoneRecherche, you must find its ranking using the JCR. A guide is available in ZoneRecherche to help you obtain the ranking of a journal based on the Article Influence Score. It’s available in French only:

  • In ZoneRecherche, at the top of the page, click on the section named "Tools".
  • Then select "ZR User Guide and Useful Links".


  •  Under "Useful links", clck on the link "Guide JCR (Article Influence)" to download the guide.



Other questions?

For all other questions about ZoneRecherche, please write to activites.recherche@hec.ca.