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Friday 8 November 2019 (11:00am to 12:00pm EST)

Webinar - Discover the PhD in Accounting Studies
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Offered by Samuel Sponem - Associate Professor, HEC Montreal & President elect - Canadian Academic Accounting Association (CAAA)

This webinar will be held in English.


Friday 18 October 2019 (10:00am to 11:30am)

The Role of Earnings Management via Real Activities and Accrual Management in PIPEs” co-authored with Troy Pollard

Katherine Gunny, Associate Professor at University of Colorado, Denver and Director of the MS Accounting Program


Private investment in public equity (PIPE) under Regulation D has played an increasingly important role in capital formation for U.S. listed firms. We study the role of earnings management around PIPE transactions and the relative use of real vs. accrual-based earnings management. It is unclear whether the documented earnings management strategies around public equity offerings (e.g., Cohen and Zarown 2010; Kothari et al. 2016) apply to private placements given the significant differences between the two ways to raise capital. PIPEs, relative to public offerings, have minimal registration requirements, more accredited investors, shorter completion times, and less external monitoring by the SEC, auditors, and analysts. We find firms engage in significantly more real earnings management relative to accrual-based earnings management in PIPE years compared to non-PPE years, however, overall earnings management is not different because the higher incidence of real earnings management is offset by a lower incidence of accrual-based earnings management. In addition, we find when PIPE investors have a strong incentive to monitor earnings management (i.e. when investors cannot price protect against stock price declines by shorting the PIPE stock), there is less real earnings management. Our results suggest PIPE investors are able to detect and prevent real earnings management when the benefits of monitoring outweigh the costs.


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+  Publications in 2017

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+  Publications in 2016

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+  Publications in 2014

MARMOUSEZ, Sophie, FILIP, A., ANDRÉ, P. (2014) L'impact des normes IFRS sur la relation entre le conservatisme et l'efficacité des politiques d'investissement, Comptabilité Contrôle, Audit, Tome 20 (3) : 101-124

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+  Publications in 2013

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+  Publications in 2012

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+  Officers of Teaching Programs

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (BAA - CPA)

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Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation (Master's degree in Law, tax option, Faculty of Law, University of Montreal)

Master of Science in Management (M.Sc.)

Doctorate (Ph.D.)

CPA Canada Professional Education Program (National CPA Program)

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  • Courses assigned: 1-901, 1-902, 3-902, 3-916, 3-922, 3-925




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