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Full-time MBA


From start to finish, the program is structured to help you acquire a practical approach to management and can be customized to meet your needs.

Management fundamentals

Core courses – 34 credits

Explore and master cutting-edge management tools and practices, to prepare you to solve a complex real-life business case.

All courses are compulsory.



ATEL 56102A
ATEL 56104A
ATEL 56105A
MNGT 56100A

Management Simulation

This on-line simulation lets you practise the manager’s craft and learn how to make consistent decisions as a team. The course also serves to rapidly establish the ground rules upon which your team will build during the first phase of the MBA.

MNGT 50410A

Module 1 | The Manager’s Craft and Tools

Learn about a manager’s roles and responsibilities. Adapt to the political context of the organization and apply essential management tools.

MATH 50630A
MNGT 50404A
MNGT 50407A

Module 2 | Business Environment and Concepts

Develop the abilities you need to understand the firm’s external environment. You’ll also master the language and basic concepts of two major organizational functions: marketing and finance.

ECON 50800A
ECON 50801A
FINA 50200A
INTE 50000A
MARK 50101A

Module 3 | Value Creation Challenges

Familiarize yourself with the challenges and issues involved in value creation for an organization, in terms of both strategic management and social responsibility.

DDRS 50408A
ENTR 51004A
FINA 50204A
MARK 50100A
MNGT 50402A

Module 4 | Putting it into Practice: Managing Processes and Systems

See how firms support their competitive positioning and how they can offer goods and services efficiently and effectively. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on and better understand your own leadership style.

MNGT 50403A
MNGT 50413A
OPER 50500A

HEC Challenge: Applying What You’ve Learned

Put the skills you’ve acquired during the first program phase to work! Join in a team competition to help an organization, through a medium-term consulting mandate to draw up recommendations based on a real-life business case.

Customize your program

Elective courses – 13.5 credits

Choose 9 courses in line with your career goals.

Some English courses are also offered in French. To find out if a course is offered in French, click on the English course and consult the "Important notes" section.



MARK 50102A
MARK 50121A
MARK 50171
MARK 50172A
MARK 50191
MNGT 50401A
OPER 50502A
OPER 50592A
PROJ 50782A

Digital Business

MARK 50161A
MARK 50162A
MATH 50631A
MATH 50671A
MATH 50672A
PROJ 50781A
TECH 50702A
TECH 50761A

Strategy and International Business

DDRS 50120A
DDRS 50400A
INTE 50041A
INTE 50092A
INTE 90002A
MARK 50190
MNGT 50042A
MNGT 50451A
The list of electives courses is provided for information purposes only and is subject to change.

Become an accomplished manager

Integration activities – 6.5 credits

Both activities are compulsory.


Consulting Field Project: Applying What You’ve Learned

An organization wishes to draw on the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired during the program, by assigning your team a complex mandate in keeping with your professional interests.

INDV 56115A

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54 credits
  • Full time
  • Day
  • Centre-ville

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