Ticketing (Eventbrite)

Eventbrite offers an all-in-one event management solution, including promotion, ticket sales, attendance monitoring, and check-in management. HEC Montréal has an institutional account that you may be able to use, with certain conditions.

Free events

The event planner can opt to create their own account, for which they will be responsible, on the Eventbrite website.


Create a paid event with HEC Montréal’s institutional account

Student event: You cannot use the institutional account.


If you are organizing a standard or research event, you can use the sub-account of your administrative unit (office, department, service, etc.).

  • The only part the Office of Communications and Government Relations will play is to create the event and calculate revenue after the event, in cooperation with the Information Technology Office and Accounting Services.
  • Ticket sales profits will be deposited in the project account (structured field combination, called CCS for combinaison de champs de structure) within 5 business days.

Keep these things in mind

  • You remain responsible for managing your event.
  • The school cannot provide technical support for the Eventbrite platform.
  • Event tickets can only be purchased with a credit card (not with a debit card, PayPal, or a cheque).


To use this service

Send your request to evenements@hec.ca, at least 10 business days before ticket sales begin.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Event name (75 characters maximum)
  • The organizing service or department name
  • Your Eventbrite organizer profile if you have one; if not, ask for one to be created
  • A generic hec.ca email address to use for the event
    • Using a pre-existing paid account: use the email address on the account.
    • When creating a new account: provide a generic hec.ca email address for the service or department. This address must be different than the one used to manage free Eventbrite events.
  • Names and email addresses of the people managing the event
  • Whether the event will be held in person or online
  • Location where the event will be held if it will be in person (exact address)
  • Dates and times the event starts and ends
  • Dates and times ticket sales start and end
  • The CCS for the project – See how to obtain a CCS.
  • Total number of tickets to release for sale
  • Ticket price – Use the calculation tool (in French).
    • Specify whether taxes and Eventbrite service charges are included.
    • If there is more than one type of ticket, indicate each type with the corresponding quantity.

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