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Master of science (MSc) - Finance

Program Structure

Thesis Stream Supervised project stream
7 courses (21 credits) Not available
Research Workshop
Thesis (24 credits)
Total: 45 credits
Program length: 16-24 months (excluding preparatory phase)

Candidate from another domain
If you have not previously done management studies, you may be required to take certain preparatory courses (3 credits). You have one year to take these courses, preferably at the start of your MSc studies.

Applicants with an undergraduate degree from the French system (BAC+3)
If you only have an undergraduate degree from the French system, you will be required to complete 15 credits (5 courses) in a 
short MSc preparation program.

Compulsory Courses of the Specialization

9 credits

Compulsory Methodology Course

3 credits

Optional Specialization Courses

Block 1 – Max. 3 credits

Block 2 – Min. 3 credits, max. 6 credits

Block 3 – Max. 3 credits

Elective course

3 credits

Choose one 3-credit course among the courses offered in the MSc, including those of the specialization, or the PhD programs. You may take up to 3 Master's program course credits from another university. This choice has to be approved by the academic supervisor.

Compulsory Course of the Program

3 credits

Compulsory activities

24 credits

Strongly recommended activities


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Program details

45 credits
  • Full time
  • Day

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