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Online admission

Step 1 – Get your supporting documents ready

Supporting documents

  • Copies of official transcripts
    • Not required for studies done at HEC Montréal.
  • Copies of university diplomas
    • Not required for studies done at HEC Montréal.
  • List of courses in which you are currently enrolled
    • For each course, specify the name of the institution and the term.
  • Proof of professional titles (order, association, etc.), if applicable
  • Proof of compliance with language requirements
    • Collegial studies (CEGEP): No proof of compliance to provide.
    • Others studies or test : Copies of official transcripts or test score. The official scores on tests taken outside of HEC Montréal must be transmitted directly by the organization responsible.

  • At least two letters of recommendation, preferably from professors or, if not possible, from people of your workplace.
  • Official scores on GMAT, TAGE MAGE or GRE tests
    • Optional, but highly recommended to support your application if you studied abroad.
  • Answers to these questions (each answer, entered on a computer, must be a maximum of one page)
  1. Choice of program
    What professional and intellectual concerns motivate you to pursue short graduate program? Please explain your choice.
  2. Career plan
    What type of job do you think you will have after completing your short graduate program (e.g. what type of company, positions and responsibilities)?
  3. Work experience (optional)
    Briefly explain any work experience you may have if it is relevant for your admission application.

You may also specify a second choice of short graduate program by completing this form. Please check whether you can seek admission in the desired term for this program. This second choice will only be considered if you are not selected for your first one.