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Letter of Recommendation

This is the form for letters of recommendation. Here is the procedure.

  • The candidate fills out his/her part of the form.
    • Be sure to include the referee’s email address, because the request for the letter of recommendation form is sent to the email address link you provide.
  • The candidate then receives an email confirmation (using the contact information entered on the form), indicating the request for the letter of recommendation has been sent.
  • The referee receives an email providing the link to the recommendation to be filled out, as well as a one-time password to access it.
  • The referee then accesses the form, using the link received by email, and enters the one-time password.
  • The referee fills out the recommendation form, including a competency scale and a written section.
    • Once the recommendation has been submitted, it cannot be modified.
  • The referee then receives confirmation that the recommendation has been sent to the Registrar’s Office.
  • The candidate receives an email confirmation that the recommendation has been submitted by the referee.
  • The Registrar’s Office then attaches the letter of recommendation to the candidate’s application file within five working days of receiving the recommendation.
  • Recommendations will appear in HEC en ligne > Documents > Documents Upload, in the section "Submit supporting documents".