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Nine of our professors among the world’s most influential researchers

December 1, 2020

Nine HEC Montréal professors appear in a ranking of research citations created in May 2020 and published on the Mendeley website, a search tool belonging to Elsevier, the Dutch scientific publisher.

They are:

The ranking is based on a dataset of close to 8 million authors worldwide, in 20 disciplines and from both the academic and private sectors. Given that the ranking consists of the 160,000 most influential researchers, their inclusion in this select group means that our nine professors are among the most influential 2% in their respective fields.

In the Operations Research field, note the exceptional standing of Honorary Professor Gilbert Laporte, ranked first in the world among his peers. Full Academic Researcher Danny Miller is also ranked an impressive 7th in the world for the influence of his work in the Business & Management field.

This ranking, which is also the basis for a scientific article, was developed by a group of American and Dutch scholars. Their goal was to come up with a new way of calculating researchers’ influence, by overcoming the limitations of individual existing rankings.

The research team created a composite index made up of six indicators, including the number of citations over a period of more than 20 years, the ratio of citations to citing papers, and different types of h-indices used to measure the influence of scientific authors.

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