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Can I buy my own plane ticket?

The purchase of the plane ticket is the responsibility of the student participating in the Campus Abroad Program or in the International Entrepreneurship Immersion Program.

The selected itinerary must ensure that the student is present at the beginning of the course in the city indicated by the professor and that he/she remains with the group until the end of the program.


Am I responsible for obtaining the visa?

The Campus Without Borders team will oversee the process of obtaining visas for the whole groupe, when necessary for Canadian citizens. Individual foreign  students requiring a visa to attend a Campus Abroad destination can contact the Campus Without Borders team to obtain the necessary documents.


Are there any special considerations regarding vaccines?

All participants will receive a destination-specific guide containing all the requisite pre-departure information (vaccinations, insurance, useful information about the country, etc.)


Why is there a $218 participation fee?

The participation fee is only charged to students who confirm their participation in the program, following the offer made by the Campus' selection committee. This fee helps to cover some of the administrative costs of the program.

In 2019-2020, the fees are $218.66. Indexation each year.


Are the tuition fees (3 credits) included in the program fees?

No. You must pay your tuition fees to the Registrar separately.


Are we required to write a report at the end of the Campus Abroad program?

All Campus Abroad programs are evaluated as follows: 20% for participation, 30% for team work and 50% for individual work.

However, the evaluation methods are specific to each Campus Abroad and are defined by the professor in charge.


Is there a selection interview?

No. The participants are selected based on their application documents.


What happens if I cannot take part in the Campus Abroad program, after having confirmed my participation and making the deposit?

A student who cannot participate after confirmation loses all his/her payments and, if applicable, must repay the scholarship.



I did, or plan to do, a session abroad as part of “Passeport pour le monde”; can I still participate in a Campus Abroad?

Yes. It is possible to follow the “Passeport pour le monde”, and Campus Abroad program as part of BBA. However, you must remember to be back from your session abroad to take the pre-departure courses of the chosen Campus.


How does the Campus Abroad course fit into the structure of my program?


  • The Campus Abroad course is an optional course (or a specialization course if your specialization is International Business)
  • To learn more about how the Campus Abroad course can fit into the structure of your program, please contact an Academic Advisor at the Registrar's office 

Certificate (International Business; Entrepreneuriat et création d'entreprise)





Other questions?

Contact us at csf@hec.ca or pass by our office at 3.271, CSC building

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