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The experience of a lifetime!

"This experience opens doors for us, it opens our way."

Charles-Édouard Lalonde, B.B.A., Campus Abroad Germany 2023 (video testimony in French)

"It's an exceptional experience on a personal and professional level (...) Few schools offer this type of program, the fact that you can visit companies and meet great people is an opportunity you shouldn't miss!"

Ourissia Ayadi and Lina Cheddadi, B.B.A., Campus Abroad Paris-Brussels 2023 (testimony in French)

"It's a total immersion in the business world, culturally, professionally and socially. It's one of the best ways to learn!"

Rym Massen, B.B.A., Campus Abroad United States 2023 (testimony in French)

"If I had one piece of advice: Go for it! The experience is worth it, as much for the cultural immersion, the high quality professional activitites, and above all for the human experience."

Justine Carrière, DESS - gestion du développement durable, Campus Abroad Mexico 2019 (testimony in French)

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