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2024-2027 Strategic Plan

Where opportunities are created

Our mission

Building on our excellence in teaching and research, HEC Montréal is a French-language institution that is open to the world and solidly rooted in Quebec society, that trains management leaders who make a responsible contribution to the success of organizations and to the sustainable transition of society.

HEC Montréal’s mission is achieved through:

  • Constantly evolving pedagogy that is adapted to different types of learners
  • Training that responds to current societal issues
  • High-level research that has an impact on the community
  • Committed and bold work teams and faculty
  • Efficient and rigorous resource management

Our vision

Be a hub of management knowledge that inspires, innovates, and is known worldwide for:

  • the quality and relevance of its teaching and research
  • influence and involvement in local, national, and international communities
  • its humane, responsible, and collaborative approach.

HEC Montréal’s vision is reflected in:

  • A world where teaching and research contribute to the responsible conduct of business
  • A campus environment that is caring, respectful, and increasingly inclusive
  • An environment that encourages collaboration and creation
  • Influence unconstrained by borders

Our values


We meet the needs of our various stakeholders, both at home and abroad, taking into account advancements in knowledge and technology and evolving sustainable development issues.


We apply integrity and rigour in all our teaching, research, and knowledge transfer activities and in managing our School.


We rely on our innovative mindset and agility to cope with change and meet challenges. Our proactive approach and strong entrepreneurial culture help us devise new solutions and carry out visionary, ambitious plans.


We promote concrete individual and collective engagement in the business community, academia, and society. This active contribution demonstrates the HEC Montréal community’s energy, ethics, and social responsibility.


We endeavour to create a healthy and inclusive environment that respects others and is open to differences, one that fosters collegiality and pride in belonging.


We encourage interaction among the members of our community, to promote the sharing of ideas, interdisciplinarity, and the development of collective intelligence.

Our true north

Provide an enriching experience throughout each student’s academic journey and contribute to the advancement of management knowledge, drawing on our entrepreneurial culture.

True north is a statement of objectives that expresses a common goal for all employees. It helps our organization maintain its strategic course and improve. Everyone can refer to this statement to evaluate their contribution to accomplishing the Strategic Plan.

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