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Want to study more effectively? Adopt strategies and learning methods tailored to your needs? Several HEC Montréal services offer resources that can bolster your academic success.

Doctoral studies

During the doctoral experience, you are likely to encounter various challenges. We offer specific workshops to counter students’ isolation and create spaces for dialogue amongst peers sharing a common experience.


Life as a PhD candidate: the challenge of maintaining a balance (workshop)

Do you feel that your life has changed since you began your PhD? That your only friend is your computer? Do you feel lonely? Are you giving enough importance to your priorities and your emotional, social and physical needs?

At this discussion workshop, you can reflect on and discuss a range of subjects with other students in a friendly atmosphere. Topics include:

  • Handling doctoral studies, a stimulating experience
  • The importance of maintaining a healthy balance throughout your path, despite the challenges
  • How to identify your priorities and needs based on internal cues (emotional and physical).
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Writing and reflexivity in academia (workshop)

As academics, writing is integral to the work that we do. Our reputations and career advancement are largely shaped by what and how we write. Even so, we spend very little time thinking about how we write. This is why we experience moments when writing flows almost effortlessly punctuated by bouts of writing paralysis.

This workshop will help you:

  • Make your own writing habits and practices explicit and contrast them with the writing practices of known experts.
  • Consider the multifaceted aspects of academic writing, and how they each contribute to both writing quality and productivity.
  • Expand your personal repertoire of practices and approaches to produce meaningful texts.
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Intellectual integrity of students

Good practices and resources

Academic violations

Thés-études meetings

Rencontres Thés-études

Boost your success and motivation by taking part in a structured study day.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A space that encourages concentration
  • 4 periods of 50 minutes of work interspersed with guided breaks
  • An opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other HEC Montréal students
  • Tools and strategies to help you study efficiently
  • Personalized and professional advice
  • Tea, coffee, cookies and smiles 😊

Join us at any time during the day!

In person, no reservation required.

One-on-one consultation

Need more than the strategies proposed on this page? Individual learning support services are also available.

  • At the first meeting, you can express your needs and the challenges you face. Strategies and tools adapted to your situation will be proposed to you.
  • Depending on your needs, the support process can be staggered over several meetings.


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