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Phase III

Dissertation (MAXIMUM 3 years)

Approval by the Ethics Committee

Any PhD dissertation proposal, whether or not it involves human subjects, must be declared to the Research Ethics Committee (CER) before Phase III approval.

Approval of Phase III

Your Phase III must be approved in the term following the comprehensive exam

The approval application form must be submitted to the program administration (suite 5.447 in the Côte-Sainte-Catherine building).

supervisory committee

The role of the Phase III committee is to supervise your research and the writing of your dissertation. It may be different from the Phase II committee, but the rules for committee membership are the same. The chair of the committee (dissertation director) must be an associate or full professor at HEC Montréal.

Dissertation proposal

The dissertation proposal is a public oral presentation of your progress on your dissertation, supported by a written report. It consists of a presentation and a question period, each lasting 45 minutes.

You must submit your proposal in writing to each of the committee members and jointly agree on the date and time of your public presentation.

The Notice of submission of a dissertation proposal must be submitted at least three weeks in advance to the program administration (suite 5.447 in the Côte-Sainte-Catherine building).

If you have not submitted your dissertation proposal by the end of your 9th term, you must submit a progress report to the program administration, describing your progress in writing your dissertation.

Validation of the presentation of your dissertation

When preparing your initial version of your dissertation, you must contact a documentation technician at the HEC Montréal library, who will ensure that your dissertation meets presentation standards.

There are three models available to help you write your dissertation:

  1. Conventional model
  2. Dissertation consisting of papers
  3. LaTeX model

You are responsible for ensuring that your dissertation meets the established presentation standards.

Writting in the form of articles

To write your dissertation in the form of articles, complete these three forms and submit them with all required documents at time of initial submission:

  1. Authorization to write a dissertation in the form of articles
  2. Authorization by co-authors of an article
  3. Permission from the publication director

initial thesis submission

To submit the initial version of your dissertation, make an appointment with the program administration at least three weeks before the end of the term.

Complete the Notice of submission of a PhD dissertation and make sure you complete all items on the checklist.

Your director must submit the Appointment of a PhD thesis jury form to the program administration.

If your deadline for completing your PhD has expired, you may be re-admitted in order to submit your dissertation, under certain conditions. Complete the short administrative request form.

You will have to pay the tuition fees for this extra term. 


The thesis jury may accept your dissertation for defence, reject it or allow you to submit it only once more, after corrections, within at most one year.

The date of the defence cannot be set until the jury has accepted your dissertation for defence purposes. It will take at least one month to organize the defence.

Your defence consists of a 45-minute public presentation, followed by a question period by the jury and audience.

Final thesis submission

You must submit the final version of your PhD dissertation in PDF format by email, along with the following documents:

The PDF version is considered the final and original copy of your dissertation. In case of differences with the paper copy, the PDF version will be deemed the original reference document.

The dissertation will be filed and kept in the HEC Montréal archives.

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