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Phases I and II

Phase I: preparation (if necessary, maximum 1 year)

Phase I consists of qualifying courses in your specialization. They are generally taken before starting PhD-level courses. The list of Phase I courses (if necessary) is included in your admission letter.

For more details on enrolling in the program.

Phase II: Specialization (maximum 2 years)

Phase II comprises 7 to 10 courses, depending on the specialization, and a comprehensive exam. In some specializations a scientific paper is also required.

With rare exceptions, Phase II must be completed by the end of your second year.

Approval of Phase II

The Phase II form must be submitted for approval at the latest during the last term of coursework and before writing the comprehensive exam.

  1. Form your Phase II supervisory committee;
  2. Finalize your course choices, jointly with the committee;
  3. Get your Phase II curriculum approved. To get the approval :
    • Log in to the portal with your HEC Montréal ID number and password.
    • Fill out the Phase II Form.

Supervisory committee

Your committee must have at least three members from the management faculties of the four participating universities, including:

In addition to guiding you in choosing your courses, the Phase II supervisory committee organizes the comprehensive exam and supervises your writing of the scientific paper, if applicable.

Comprehensive exam

You must write the comprehensive exam during the term following the course work. It consists of a written section and an oral section.

You must notify the Academic Affairs Office of the date of the comprehensive exam at least three weeks in advance.

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