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Changing Specialization in the MSc Program

A request for a change of specialization is not guaranteed as it is an application for admission into another specialization. Each request is analyzed and compared to all the other applications, just like when you first applied for admission to the program. The deadline for submitting a request is therefore the admission application deadline of the chosen specialization.

While waiting for your admission answer for the new specialization, you must conform to the course structure of your current specialization, as students at the graduate level are not permitted to choose, within their study program, more course credits than the number required by the program to which they are admitted. You can, however, register for courses that are common to both specializations.

To request a change of specialization, you need to complete a short administrative request and write a letter explaining your motivations for changing specialization.

You want to change stream? Please consult the changing stream in the MSc program page.

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