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Sample budget

Your success at university can hinge on how well you manage your expenses. The following table will provide you with a realistic picture of the expenses you can expect to incur.

Quebec student Canadian, French or Belgian student Other international student
Total for the year (two sessions)* Min. $21,082
Max. $31,390
Min. $26,252
Max. $36,560
Min. $44,268
Max. $53,940
Tuition fees for undergraduate students (15 credits) $1,915 $4,500 $13,190
Sun Life Financial insurance – HEC Montréal (per year)** $711
Books (one session) $400
Housing (per month) Rent

($500 with roommate)

Home insurance $20
Heating and electricity*** $60
Telephone, cable, Internet*** $120
Food (per month) Groceries $300
Restaurant and cafeteria meals $100
Transportation (per month) Public transit (Montréal full-time student rate) $51
Car $200
Gas and repairs $200
Indoor parking $180
Personal care and medications (per month) $120
Sports and entertainment (per month) $100
Clothing (per month) $50

*The minimum total budget reflects the financial reality of a student with a roommate, who takes public transport. The maximum total budget reflects that of a student who lives alone and owns a car.

** Supplemental health and dental insurance fees not included.

*** Would be a shared expense for roommates.

Inspired by a tool developed by the Université Laval’s Student Awards and Financial Aid Office

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