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When should I start looking?

We strongly suggest that you wait until you arrive to sign a lease to avoid unpleasant surprises. So, it would be advisable to arrive two weeks before the start of classes (mid-August) or in the beginning of January, to have time to find a place. The majority of leases in Montreal begin on July 1st for a 12-month duration. If you can come to Montreal in March or April, you should begin your search at that time.  However, for international students or those from remote areas, you will still find many offers during the summer. In residential areas close to the school, some flat owners wait until just before the beginning of term to lease their apartment. Furthermore, there are many sublet and flat-sharing offers for students in the weeks just before the academic term.


Temporary housing

It is imperative that you reserve temporary housing for your first few nights in Montreal, until you find a place and can arrange to move in. We recommend you reserve a room for one week and adjust the length of your stay if you find something more quickly.


Reserving temporary housing for your first few days in Montreal

If you don’t know anyone you can stay with in Montreal for the first days, you still have a wide range of possibilities to choose from: hotel, youth hostel, couch surfing, etc.

It is advisable to make reservations as soon as possible. Montreal is a popular city for tourists in August, and many international students arrive in town in early August and in the beginning of January.

N.B.: HEC Montréal will not be responsible for the quality of housing on offer. We urge students to exercise caution before putting down any amount of money as a deposit.  

Here are some useful websites for reserving temporary housing in Montreal:

All over Montreal:


Housing search

Before starting your housing search, consult the websites Éducaloi.qc.ca and Lappart.info, which have a ton of information about renting.

Search criteria

The following considerations need to be addressed:

  • Proximity to public transit
  • Distance from school
  • Distance from commerce, particularly supermarkets and grocery stores
  • Services included in your rent: heating, hot water, electricity, telephone, Internet)


Rent prices vary from one area to the next.  The neighbourhoods most popular with HEC Montréal students are:

  • Close to campus (near these Metro stations: Université-de-Montréal, Côte-des-Neiges, Édouard-Montpetit): Outremont, Snowdon, Côte-des-Neiges;
  • Other popular neighbourhoods (Metro stations: Laurier, Rosemont, Mont-Royal, Jean Talon, De-Castelnau): Plateau-Mont-Royal, Mile-End, Rosemont-Petite-Patrie;
  • To reduce your rental costs, you need to look a bit further from campus: Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (HoMa), Ahuntsic, Villeray
  • More expensive areas: Westmount, Golden Square Mile, Downtown, Old-Montréal

The HEC Montréal-Darlington international student residence

The HEC Montréal-Darlington offers 40 full-time students, and students from outside of Canada, the opportunity to rent a room in a university residence.

University dorms of Université de Montréal

Located within 10 minutes walking distance of HEC Montréal, the UdeM university dorms offer decent quality at affordable rates. Full-time students at HEC Montréal can obtain a single or double studio, or one that is customized for people with disabilities.


Post or view a listing

This section is intended for all individuals (owners, neighborhood residents, staff members, students, etc.) who wish to post a listing for renting or subletting an apartment.

This section is intended for all individuals (owners, neighborhood residents, staff members, students, etc.) who wish to place an ad for renting or subletting an apartment.

You must log in to HEC en ligne with your registration number. Under the “Services aux étudiants” menu, the "Consulter annonces de logement" tab lists the current housing offers. Only students admitted to or enrolled in HEC Montréal can view these listings. 

Before starting, please note:

  • HEC Montréal reserves the right to not post a listing, or to remove one at its sole discretion; Listings shall therefore be posted on the website after a minimum period of 24 hours.
  • Listings will be automatically removed from the website after one month of publication;
  • If you have still not found a tenant after one month, you must enter a new listing if you still wish to post a housing offer;
  • If you find a tenant before the listing expires and you wish to withdraw the latter as a result, please send an email to sae.accueil@hec.ca mentioning the listing number to be removed;

If you would like to modify your listing, please send an email to sae.accueil@hec.ca specifying the listing number and the changes that are required.


Post a listing      View listings


What should I check during an apartment visit?

  • Is the heating included? If not, call Hydro-Québec or Gaz Métro to find out the costs before signing the lease.
  • Verify if there is a washing machine and a tumble-dryer in the building and their cost-in-use if necessary. If not, then ask about the closest laundromat.
  • Check that the kitchen appliances function properly, and verify the state of the furniture, if need be.
  • Make sure the locks work and the building is secure.
  • Bathroom: verify the water pressure of the shower, the cleanliness, the presence of humidity.
  • Sound insulation: enquire about the other tenants living in the building.
  • Verify the window insulation (avoid old, wooden ones).
  • What is the available storage space?
  • Enquire about the nearby businesses (grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.).
  • If you are visiting an apartment you will be sharing with roommates, meet with them and ask about their living habits (night owl vs. morning person, cleanliness, noise preferences, their idea of a good roommate, etc.).



Need assistance?

Workshops on “Looking for housing" and "Finding a roommate” will be offered during new student orientation at the start of the semester. Check your emails for further information.

During new student orientation, a computer lab will be open, where you can use the computers to search housing ads, call landlords with the telephones provided and get expert advice from our team.

Send your questions to: logement@hec.ca

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