HEC Montréal – University of Oxford: a flourishing partnership

February 7, 2024

HEC Montréal and the University of Oxford have an enduring partnership that is strengthened by the ongoing scholarship program and exchange opportunities for both their student and research communities as well as their graduates.

The collaboration has also led to the launch of the Measuring Beyond program which aims to develop evaluation criteria to measure corporate performance in terms of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Jean Chagnon, an alumnus from both institutions, and a key driver of the partnership, expressed his satisfaction over this fruitful collaboration:

“I am delighted to see that the partnership between HEC Montréal and Oxford University continues to flourish. Strengthening intercultural exchanges between student communities, promoting scientific collaborations, and developing academic links between faculty members are sources of mutual enrichment and scientific progress.”


Two meaningful events to mark the alliance

This unique partnership was highlighted on January 15 during the first event organized by the School. The Dean of Saïd Business School, Soumitra Dutta, who flew down to Montréal and inaugurated an auditorium in the Hélène Desmarais Building named after the school he represents, declared:

Baroness Katherine Willis and Mr. Jean Chagnon (3rd from right) surrounded by graduates and scholarship students from HEC Montréal and St Edmund Hall, at the inauguration of St Edmund Hall Study Hall

“This pivotal partnership supports two crucial aspects at the heart of both our schools: scholarships and research. I am delighted to see that it continues to provide members of our student communities and talented graduate students the unique opportunity to further their education and research at both Oxford Saïd and HEC Montréal. And it is a real pleasure to see it led by our shared and esteemed alumnus, Jean Chagnon.”

Xavier Roy, the first recipient to benefit from the scholarship program and a 2019-20 MBA graduate from Oxford Saïd, commented on the impact the experience has had on him: “The HEC Montréal – Oxford Saïd Scholarship is unparalleled and provides generous financial support to attend world-class management programs. It is also creating a growing multidisciplinary community of individuals who believe collaboration between their two alma maters can improve global societies. The Oxford Saïd MBA program combined with the HEC Montréal – Oxford Saïd community have enriched my personal and professional life in so many ways, and I know it is only the beginning!”

During the second event, held on February 2 at the Hélène Desmarais Building, it was Baroness Katherine Willis, Professor and Principal at St. Edmund Hall College, who honoured the guests with her presence and inaugurated the room that now bears the name of the college she heads at Oxford University. This was also an opportunity to welcome graduates of the prestigious college who are pursuing careers in Quebec or Ontario.

The financing fund for this growing partnership, which was created in 2019 and counts Lallemand Inc. and KPMG as the first strategic partners, has exceeded $4 million.


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